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I feel like I have spent my whole life preparing for the birth of Totally A Drift. As a child I would sit for hours painting, drawing, and creating collages using items I had collected from nature. In grade school, I looked forward to working on projects and book reports because it meant I had a chance to create a beautiful poster, diorama or mobile. Later, at Babson College, I utilized my creativity when working on power point presentations, creating business plans and marketing plans.

It only seemed natural for me to accept the position as Head Art Teacher at The Canaan Ridge School at the age of 24. Oh what a joy it was to bring out the creativity and instill a love and appreciation for Art in all the wonderful children I had the pleasure of working with. I so enjoyed every minute of my 6 years there!

When my husband came along and swept me off my feet and our oldest daughter was born soon after I decided to leave my position at Canaan Ridge. Then came #2 and 3. They have all brought me so much love and happiness.

Once, my youngest daughter started Kindergarten I found that I had a lot of extra time on my hands. I started taking walks on the beach with my girlfriends to pass time. One morning, I saw a piece of driftwood that looked like a fish. I took it home and highlighted the features of the fish with paint. And so the saga started...

Of course, when Storm Sandy came along, I hit the driftwood jackpot and my supply is endless!

Here it is! My first driftwood creation.

The Artist

With my love for the Sea and my artistic talent, along with my keen business sense acquired at Babson College (class of '95), Totally A Drift Custom Wooden Signs was born in the Spring of 2013.

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